As a new incoming business student you are automatically enrolled in Fadderiet and there is no need for registration. Fadderiet is one of  Föreningen Ekonomernas biggest projects. It is the welcoming program for new students at SBS. To be able to participate in all of the events you need to be a member.

From this first day of Fadderiet until the end of Fadderiet, the students are called micronomists. All of the micronomists will be divided into teams. Each team will have dedicated buddies, who are the team-leaders and mentors for the micronomists.
The buddies will answer any questions you might have and will also make sure that you receive all essentials information about the welcoming program Fadderiet.
As a micronomists you will experience countless of challenges and activities together with your team, all the while competing against the other teams
for the glory of becoming the winning team of the semester and also take part in a secret prize.
To make Fadderiet as memorable as possible, we encourage all of the micronomists to participate with a true fighting spirit. We want you to join us for this fun and crazy ride that is offered for the newly admitted students to Stockholm Business School. By the end of Fadderiet, the micronomists will have had a lot of fun, found life-long friends and the honor of the title Economist.


Ps. Just because it is called micronomists and economists does not mean that it is not directed towards all of the other students at SBS, when it comes to names, old habits die hard.