As a new incoming business student you are automatically enrolled in Fadderiet and there is no need for registration. Fadderiet is one of  Föreningen Ekonomerna’s biggest projects. It is the welcoming program for new students at SBS. To be able to participate in all of the events you need to be a member.

From the first day of Fadderiet until the end, the students are called micronomists. All of the micronomists will be divided into teams. Each team will have dedicated buddies, who are the team-leaders and mentors for the micronomists. As a micronomists you will experience countless challenges and activities together with your team, all while competing against the other teams for the glory of becoming the winning team of the semester and also take part in a secret prize!

The buddies will answer any questions you might have and will also make sure that you receive all essentials information about the welcoming program.

Interested in being in the project group for next Fadderi? Read about the different role descriptions here below!

The Event Managers organize all the events for Fadderiet. As an Event Manager, you will administer and organize sittningar and other events. This position suits someone innovative, a doer who enjoys working in a group and is structured at all times. Responsibility, eventful environments and hard work inspires you. It is also important that you can be creative and give your inputs on the events and take own initiative.

As the Corporate Manager your main goal is to find sponsors for our events through goods or services. The Corporate Manager contacts companies with possible interests in using our platforms for exposure in connection to Fadderiet. The goal is to create value for the micronomists in order to make the events as fulfilled as possible.


You are also responsible for handling the management of corporate relations and make sure they get all the relevant information they need in before events. Therefore we are looking for a person with great communication skills and someone always willing to do that little bit extra to accomplish their goals.

As the Marketing Manager you will be responsible for handling our communication through our channels, primarily Facebook. The Marketing Manager works very closely with the Art Director creating stuff like the micronomist compass, but also has the responsibility to create schedules for posts and videos.


Your job is also to make sure that the information is provided to the micronomist, according to this schedule. We are looking for someone who isn’t afraid to take initiative and who uses his/her creativity to find the best communication tools for fadderiet.

The Art Director is responsible for the visual appearance of the project and how it is communicated visually. As the Art director you work closely with the Marketing Manager to make posters and videos for fadderiet’s events. We are looking for someone with an eye for graphic design, someone who thinks it is fun making posters and editing videos, and through your creativity want to make Fadderiet shine with your visual skills.