Organizatonal Structure

Association Meeting

The Association Meeting is the highest deciding body

Student Council

Works with educational surveillance in close contact with the university representatives.

Internal Auditor

The internal auditor is responsible for reviewing that the board of the association follows the associations’ constitutional rules – the statutes, the job descriptions, the policies, and other decisions made by the association meetings.

The internal auditor shall also be available when the board or any other member of the association has questions regarding formalities or the constitutional rules.

At the first association meeting of the fall, the internal auditor will present an internal audit report which should contain information about whether the board has followed the constitutional rules or not during the year, and also give a recommendation as to whether the board should be discharged from liabilities or not.

Internal Auditor 21/22
Frida Sjöberg

Ministry of Marshals

The Ministry of Marshals is Föreningen Ekonomerna`s memory and the preserver of the association’s many proud traditions. They also serve as advisors to the Board of the association and are active and often seen at ceremonies such as dinner parties, “Skiftesmiddag” and “Ångbåten”.The Ministry of Marshals consists of 10 members and are led by the Lord Marshal. The Ministry also have close contact with the association’s inspector, which is a specially selected representative at the Stockholm Business School.

Behind the board is also the Knights Templar composed by former Marshals. Elections to The Ministry of Marshals occurs when an existing Marshal makes his chair available. The criteria for being elected are strictly confidential but every election is subsequently justified to the Board of Föreningen Ekonomerna. In general, the following criteria are critical to be considered in elections:

 A broad and long commitment to the association An ability to joyfully spread the association’s traditions A deep knowledge of the history of the association An ability to carry yourself and be a good representative of the association and the board A willingness to even after the completed commitments in the association to take the time to work for the association’s best


Susanne Weinberg-Krakowski is Förenignen Ekonomernas Inspector. In the role as Inspector for the Association she has an overview of the Associations work and duties, both operational and strategic. Another part of the role as Inspector is to maintain the good relationship with the Association and the institution, Stockholm Business School. Susanne is Ekonomie Licentiat at Stockholm Business School/Department of Business Administration. She has taught and been responsible for courses in financial- and management accounting, at undergraduate- and postgraduate level as well as the Executive MBA program. Her research is in the area of forecasting models for resource allocation, the use of accounting information and earnings management. Susanne is for the time being Head of the Accounting Section.

Election Committee

The Election Committee’s main duty is to propose suitable candidates according to the statutes’ regulatory positions at election time. We are composed of a Chair and two members, who are the ones you will be in touch with during election procedures. If you have any questions about the available roles we have or our election procedures, do not hesitate to reach out to us!

Where can you find us?
You can find us at Kräftriket House 1, Festningen. The bus stop is called Albano, and you are always welcome to mingle and have some coffee. We have plenty!

Are you interested in getting involved with the Association?
Check out our internal recruitment page, under “For members”, or send us an email to and we will help you to find a place in Föreningen Ekonomerna.

The three pillars of Föreningen Ekonomerna


We grow together (with) >


acuity and quality in everything that is done (through) >


a passionate student commitment.