The Board

The Board

The Board is elected for one year at a time between July 1st and June 30th and is responsible to the association. Their main task is to manage the operations of Föreningen Ekonomerna and being the highest decision-making body between the association meetings. Furthermore, the Board is in charge of making sure that the economic and accounting procedures are managed and followed properly. Aside from working on the strategical development of the Association together as a team, each board member has a designated tasks. Below you can read about who is elected for the fiscal year of 2020/2021 and what the different positions work with. Do not hesitate to contact any board member if you have any questions, just click on their image!



Frida Sjöberg
My role has the ultimate responsibility of the organization, making sure it operates in accordance with its strategic goals. The role is also leading the Board as chief of staff. Daily duties include e.g. summoning and coordinating Board meetings and representing the Association externally.

Vice President

Karin Asp
As Head of Education, I work to improve and develop the quality of education and student influence, representing the students of Stockholm Business School towards the school, the Faculty of Social Sciences and the University. It is also my responsibility, as the Vice President, to relieve the President of their duties when necessary and represent our Association externally.

Second Vice President

Luisa Dahlstedt
Also known as Head of Internal Communications, my ultimate responsibilities are to handle the internal communication and the overall strategic planning for the association. Moreover, I work on the integration of the Association's committees, clubs and stand-alone projects. The role is also responsible for managing the Operational Management Group and I am also the contact person for the Welcoming Programs during the Fall and Spring.


Alice Arabshahi
The treasurer's role is to handle the day-to-day work for the financials of the association as a whole. This is done along with the Vice Treasurer. The main areas of responsibility lay in guiding and approving budgets from project leaders within different projects and handling the accounting on a daily basis for all transactions made by, or in the name of, the association.

Vice Treasurer

This position is currently vacant. Apply by sending your CV and a motivational letter to
The Vice Treasurer works closely with the Treasurer on the day-to-day work for the financials of the association as a whole. Guiding and approving project budgets and handling the accounting for all transactions made by, or in the name of, the association. Furthermore, they have the sole responsibility for the transactions made by the Asset Management Group.

Head of Corporate Relations

Juulia Kuusimäki
Ultimately responsible for the association's contact to the business world and any external communication. Along with establishing the contact and continuing with corporate agreements. Also acts as contact person for The Business Committee and The Finance Society.

Head of Marketing

Ada Nuutti
Ultimately responsible for the association's external communication. Managing all social media accounts and working strategically with our visibility, mostly through social medias and merchandise. Also acts as contact for The Marketing Committee.

Head of International Affairs

Sahel Md Fardeen Faez
Ultimately responsibile for the Association’s international contacts. Moreover, I work strategically with the Board as well as with the International Committee and the Master’s Club. I am also involved in the Welcoming programs, both for the bachelor and master students.

Head of IT

Vlada Borets
Ultimately responsible for the membership system, functioning and maintenance of the website as well as the physical IT environment. Also acts as contact person for the IT Committee. For any questions regarding our Mecenat collaboration, reach out to me.

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