Hi there!

My name is Vlada Borets and I study Business Administration.

My ultimate passion is dancing, but unfortunately due to Covid I haven’t been able to show my skills at any sittnings this year.

Prior to the Board, Ive been part of Fadderiet as a Buddy as well as the Co-Host of The F.E.St. Podcast. I applied for the role as Head of IT because I started gaining an interest in the subject and wanted to expand my skill-set
within the digitized world. Also I wanted to increase the engagement and understanding of it within the association. 

My main duties are to see over our Membership system and to develop the design and functionality of our website. I am also the contact person for the IT Committee. Being in this role has given me a variety of experiences, all from
web design to managing teams. I highly recommend anyone to join the association and create your own projects. 

Don’t hesitate to contact me at it@foreningenekonomerna.se