Hey there!

My name is Alice, I started studying at Stockholm Business School during the fall semester of 2017 where I started off with free-standing courses but then got into the Business Administration program during the spring. As of right
now I have just written my thesis and am reading some extra courses. During my free time, when not working instead of studying I usually tend to do some kind of workout, all from going to gym to taking walks outside. I also like
to just hang out with friends and family. Also love to just travel and discover new places! My involvement in the association started when I participated during some events of Fadderiet however it wasn’t until the end of that semester
where I got more involved in the Social committee (also known as PrU). I was told before my studies that the student life does not really exist in Stockholm, if I only knew how wrong those people were. I basically stayed involved
in PrU until SS20 when I applied for the role as treasurer.

Already during the start of 2020 I had thought about doing something bigger in the association and considered the role as treasurer due to my studies in auditing. My first thought was that it might be a role too big to take on for
me and my initial plan was to go on exchange studies, although that didn’t happen. I saw that the application was still open and considering how good of an opportunity for practical experience it was, and with some encouragement
from friends, I decided to apply and here I am today!

The most common tasks as treasurer has to do with sending and paying invoices, reimbursement to members for costs they have made for the association as well as bookkeeping. Since some roles within the board are remunerated I am responsible
to ensure that those are reported to the Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket) every month. Another recurring task is to reconcile all accounts and I also help with guiding and approving budgets so that they are in line with the financial
policy. I also handle the transactions for the Asset Management Group. Most fun must be the fact that I get to do all of this work together with the vice treasurer!

Don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions on treasurer@foreningenekonomerna.se