My name is Karin Asp and I have studied my bachelor’s in Business and administration at SBS. I am currently taking some extra classes to learn about project management. I have been involved in different projects ever since I started
at the university. I have been a course representative, a buddy, an associate at Ekonomernas Dagar, a project leader for Career Day, and now I am on the board! Being involved has been so much fun and I have gained friends, memories
and experiences that I will bring with me!

I applied for the role as Vice President and Head of Education because I wanted to be a part of educational surveillance and doing what I can to help the students and represent students at Stockholm Business School. I also liked
the part of external and internal representation and felt that the role would suit me perfectly.

My daily duties mainly include attending meetings (lots of meetings), staying in contact with the Education Committee, working strategically to improve the association, and answering emails. But the role is very broad and anything
can come up! It is exciting to have a role where every day looks different! I have learned so much so far!

Don’t hesitate to contact me at vicepresident@foreningenekonomerna.se