My name is Alan Rashid, and I´m a first year masters student in the Operations Management and Control program here at SBS. Today, I serve as Vice Treasurer and Board member, and if I´m not working or studying, I´m either in the gym
or at Thai boxing practice (Well…at least before COVID).

I first got involved in the association as an undergraduate student. At the time I was a member of the International committee and became a co-founder of the Venture Asia project. Being a part of the association was so much fun that
when I decided to come back to SBS I knew I had to get involved once again!

Us at the Treasury make sure you don´t have to burn through your CSN to finance your project. The Treasury exists to facilitate the association´s operations by making sure the bills get paid. But thankfully, being a part of the
Treasury entails more than just paying bills all day: I also help project leaders with crafting their budgets, and through managing the accounting and financial record-keeping together with the Treasurer, help ensure accountability
to the association´s stakeholders. It´s a huge responsibility, but it´s a lot of fun!

Don’t hesitate to contact me at vicetreasurer@foreningenekonomerna.se