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London Banking week

Sustainability Day

SM i Ekonomi

Chair of the Business Committee

Hi! My name is Adam Nilsson Kaluti and I’m studying Business Administration, starting my third semester this fall. I’ve joined the Business Committee for several reasons! First of all it’s very fun to meet new people, who share the same interests as you, to exchange ideas and learn together, what could be better during your university studies! It is also an excellent opportunity to work with companies, to understand the ins and outs of the business world, how they operate, what they are looking for and to create new connections. My goals for the Business Committee is for it to continue to thrive through great partnerships and to open it up to as many driven and interested students as possible; all while creating new and interactive projects from which everyone can benefit.

Vice Chair of the Business Committee

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Projects and Events

Our objective is to benefit economic students at Stockholm Business School with good knowledge and good contacts in the business industry. We do that by arranging different projects and events. Here is a summary of what we typically do.


The purpose is to help students make a well-informed choice of future employer and career. Companies from different industries attend the fair where they can interact with students.


London Banking Week (LBW) gives the students a better opportunity to compete for corporate international internships, whose recruitment often begins in the fall.


The purpose of the project is to inform students about the upcoming choice of major in their studies. This is done in close collaboration with leading firms in the sector. 


The purpose of the project is to create a bridge between ambitious students and professionals in different parts of the business world.


This is an annual project done by the Business Committee to create a greater awareness around Sustainability amongst students at Stockholm Business School.


This is an annual event in which students from universities all over Sweden can compete against each other in their knowledge of economics.

Want to know more about how to get involved?

Contact us on bc@foreningenekonomerna.se or join our Facebook group to find out more!