The Finance Society

The Finance Society

Welcome to the Finance Society of Föreningen Ekonomerna. We invite financially interested students to engage in a vibrant community and partake in activities related to finance, investment, trading, portfolio management, and much more.

Our focus

Networking. Grow your network and enjoy our community of dedicated individuals. We continually offer networking opportunities both within the group as well as with outside companies and personas.
Visits. Are you curious of experiencing some of Stockholm’s financial institutions from the inside? Our ambition is to visit intriguing employers within finance, or have them visit us.
Investing. Get hands-on experience with portfolio management and investments together with the Asset Management Group. 
Active learning. With our workshops, lectures, and other resources, you can be sure to pick up usable and practical skills for a future career within finance.

Leadership Academic Year 20/21


Kavya Shukla


Gustav Höglund 

Vice Chair

David Olsson

Project Leader for the AMG
also Vice Treasurer of Föreningen Ekonomerna

Asset Management Group

“But investing isn’t about beating others at their game. It’s about controlling yourself at your own game.” – Ben Graham, the father of value investing, as expressed in The Intelligent Investor.
Within the Finance Society, the Asset Management Group is responsible for managing 1,15 MSEK of the association’s capital. Our objective is to support the financial future of Föreningen Ekonomerna and to provide the team members with an authentic learning experience in the presence of like-minded individuals striving to improve.

Weekly Market News Flash

The Weekly Market News Flash is a newsletter written
by students for students and contains four sections:
Mergers & Acquisitions
If you are interested in Finance and would like to stay up-to-date with the news,
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Contact: recruitment & corporate relations

Are you a student who is interested in getting involved? Certain projects within the Finance Society are subject to a recruitment process, but a lot of what we do is open to all. Get in touch with us using the email: or by using our facebook group.

Do you represent an employer within the field of finance? We would be thrilled to have you reach out to us for any type of collaboration that might benefit the career of prospects for our members. Please reach out to us using the email address below: