What is the Marketing Committee?

The Marketing Committee focuses on promoting FEST through different channels as well as hosting fun events for its members. Some of the on going projects that they have are the Newsletter, Instagram Content Group and the Podcast!


My name is Sarah Rahmani and I’m the Chair of the marketing committee. I am currently studying my fourth semester at the marketing communications bachelor program. I was one of the Instagram managers for the Associations Instagram account during my first year at SBS. I really enjoyed being part of the marketing committee and that’s why I wanted to be a bigger part of it. My goal for the committee is to continue its growth and have better content on our platforms.

My name is Ida Appelgren and I’m studying the Economics and IT bachelor on my fourth semester. My journey within the association and the marketing committee started last semester when I was a project manager in the Instagram Content Group. I then decided to apply for vice-chair in the Marketing committee because I want every student who studies at Stockholm Business School to have the possibility to get the same great experience I had last semester and reach out to more students!

Our projects:

Instagram Content Group

This project group works with Föreningen Economerna’s Instagram account. The purpose of the Instagram account is to show the members “the fun and social side” of Föreningen Ekonomerna. The content varies from pictures from an event that happened recently to takeovers from the Board or the OMG. The content production and management of the IG-account are the IGCG’s main tasks, but they also work with the Association’s Facebook page and they create posters requested by the different committees and clubs. See the latest posts here!

Contact details: igcg@foreningenekonomerna.se

YouTube Content Group

The YTCG handles the Association’s YouTube channel and their main task is to plan and produce fun and informal videos that represent the whole Association. These videos can be from events and projects within Föreningen Ekonomerna, but also shorter interviews or fun videos about our student life. The YouTube channel’s main target group is the members of Föreningen Ekonomerna, but also to reach out to non-members to get them interested in our Association. Watch us now!

Contact details: ytcg@foreningenekonomerna.se

The Newsletter

Föreningen Ekonomerna consists of eleven different committees and clubs and with the newsletter our members can easily find out about all the happenings in our Association. The newsletter is posted every two weeks on our Facebook page and Instagram account. It includes current and upcoming projects, events, meetings etc. and it is supposed to encourage our members to get involved.

Contact details: newsletter@foreningenekonomerna.se

The Student Guide

The Marketing Committee is responsible for an annual magazine with general information about Föreningen Ekonomerna and what the Association can offer our members for for an enriched student life. The aim of the project is to make relevant information in the Association available to all members and new students. The content of the book varies from year to year, but this year’s aim is to focus on Föreningen Ekonomerna’s traditional events and happenings that occur every year and also places in Stockholm to visit for our members who are new in Stockholm. The project work consists of both graphic design, copywriting and structural and organizational work which is done by the Student Guide Group. Check out this year’s Student Guide here, made by last year’s project group.

Contact details: studentguide@foreningenekonomerna.se

Meet and Greet

Meet & Greet is conducted once per semester, in coordination with the welcoming program for new students, Fadderiet. The new students have the opportunity to meet representatives from the different committees and other operational and administrative elements. Meet & Greet takes place over a couple of hours in one evening and is organized much like a recruitment fair. This fosters an energetic and welcoming atmosphere for curious students. Students who visit the Meet & Greet will get an insight and understanding of the Association and can discover new opportunities to participate and contribute after Fadderiet.

The F.E.St Podcast

The Podcast aims to inform members about the happenings in the Association. It is a fun way of sharing moments from different events and happenings. We want to make the podcast as diverse as possible with different guests every episode. The podcast is in collaboration with the IT committee. Listen now!

Contact details: podcast@foreningenekonomerna.se