Welcome to the Sports Committee!

The committee organizes a lot of different sport related events like Padel tournament, Running on Sundays, the official Ski Trip and many others.

Our Leadership FS21

Chair of the Sports Committee

My name is Lars Kormu and I’m the Chair of the Sports committee. I’m studying my fourth semester for a B.sc in Business and Economics. My passion for sports is something that has followed me all my life, ever since I was a kid I’ve always experienced the joy of team spirit and training which is something I want to make sure others still experience. Even though we’re a bit older and have our hands full with responsibilities, i’m sure we all can find the time to reward ourselves with some stress-free time among friends. So my goal for the Sports Committee this semester is that all members will reward themselves with some well deserved sports, because you’re worth it!

Vice Chair of the Sports Committee

My name is Alexander and I am the Vice-Chair of the Sports Committee. I’m studying for a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and am currently in my third semester. Sports are incredibly fun and at the same time unites and develops people, why I believe an active student sports life is important for SBS. During my time as the vice-chair for the committee, I want to help host plenty of exciting sports events and encourage other members to found their own sports games at the association. Personally, my favorite sport lately has been Padel Tennis, but I also like to run and play basketball in my free time. If you want the committee to host an event with the sport of your choice, send in your suggestion to sports@foreningenekonomerna.se!

Want to know more about how to get involved?

Contact us on sports@foreningenekonomerna.se or join our Facebook group to find out more!