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European Marketing Career Tour – Recruitment of Project Group

DEADLINE: 7th of October 2021

Apply by sending a short motivational letter to: or

Project Manager
We are looking for someone who is not afraid of being in charge and making sure that everyone does their job. Also to make sure everyone got what they need and help out for all positions. Creating a project plan and budget is one of the main tasks.

Vice Project Manager
Being the vice manager means that you have the qualities as the project manager, and being their right hand. Helping out with the project plan and other small details is key – like making sure there is fika for the meetings.

Business Manager
You will be in charge of taking contact with companies and being the main link between the students and them. Come up with interesting questions to ask while being there and make the visit as informative as possible.

Sponsorship Manager
Creating a trip is not cheap, and therefore we need sponsors to help us out a bit. You will be looking for sponsors, could be the ones we already have at Föreningen or some new ones that suit well for the specific project.

Marketing Manager
You are a person who loves to create posters and hype things up! To market this event will be a big thing because we want as many of the students to join and make sure it looks inviting. Also during the trip, taking photos and videos to document what we do.

Logistics / Event Manager
We need to have somewhere to live while out of Sweden, and also how do we get there? Train or flight? You need to have a good eye for the easiest way to travel and find accommodation for more than just 2 people, now we will be a large group and everyone should feel comfortable while being away. At the same time we need to have some extra fun on the trip, so finding places to eat/drink/dance in the cities is also a part of this.

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