First of all a warm welcome to Stockholm Business School (SBS), and to Föreningen Ekonomerna (F.E.St.)!

We are Föreningen Ekonomerna, the student association at SBS, a non-political and a non-religious organisation with about 1400 members. Föreningen Ekonomerna was founded on a student trip to Prague in 1965 and today we are one of Sweden’s
biggest student associations for business and have our premises in Kräftriket, Albano called Festningen. As a member you are always welcome to come by and say hi, socialize or study. We have lots of rooms and plenty of coffee.

Our core values are proffessionalism, community and drive, inspired by our members and for our members. They make it possible for us to continue develop and grow. We want to give our members the best student experience as possible,
to help them grow as a person and provide them with a strong network of business contacts and friends for life. And of course, to have a lot of fun!

STEP 1: Become a member!

To be able to participate in the Association’s happenings, you need to become a member in the association. Another benefit of the membership is the Mecenat Card you will obtain (if you are a student) that provides you with student
discounts in Sweden. Click
here to be directed to buy a membership.

STEP 2: Follow us on Social Media

Föreningen Ekonomerna

Keep up to date on event- and association news by following the Business Assocation on Facebook. Press the icon to get to the page.


For buying and selling used course litterature, asking questions to other students and interacting with other students in general. Press the icon to get to the page.


For insight into what’s happening in the association and any events going on. Press the icon to get to the page.

STEP 3: Join your course/program Facebook-group


Företagsekonomi I

Företagsekonomi II

Reklam och PR

International Business and Politics


Master Programme in Marketing

Master Programme in Marketing Communication

Master Programme in Banking and Finance

Master Programme in Accounting and Management Control

Master Program in Management, Organization and Society

Master Programme in Operations Management and Control

STEP 4: Participate in the Welcoming Programs


As a new student you are automatically enrolled in the program. You can read more about your welcoming program below. 


As a new student you are automatically enrolled in the program. You can read more about your welcoming program below. 

STEP 5: Get involved in the business association

Make the most out of your studies

If you are a new student at Stockholm Business School you will be automatically enrolled to your corresponding welcoming program, which is a lot of fun and a great start to your student life here. Make sure to look out for
e-mails from us – sometimes they unfortunately end up in junk mail.

If you want to get involved further; be in charge or work on one of our many projects, host an event or just attend different events, make sure to look at our list of committees and get in touch with them!

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