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Google offers a unique collaboration with Föreningen Ekonomerna – a digital distance course with a final kick-out at Google’s headquarters in Stockholm, April 12-13 in 2018. Here you have the chance to meet Google employees, pitch ideas, listen to inspirational readers, and much more. This two day final kick out is exclusively for Föreningen Ekonomerna and few other schools in Sweden, don´t miss out!


What does this digital course mean to me?

During the training, which is open and free for everyone,  you will learn about digital marketing, and upon completion of education, you will receive an IAB certificate that you can attach to your resume. This certificate shows that you possess good knowledge in digital marketing and thus better meet the market demands for knowledge in the future.

Who can apply?

Anyone who is a member of Föreningen Ekonomerna can apply, if you´re not a member you can easily become one at You must be fluent in English to participate.


More about the digital education

To take part in the course, you create a free account at if you want it in Swedish or for the English version. The course contains 23 different subjects and takes about 8-12 hours to complete. The topics explain everything from how to create a web store, how online advertising works, what search engine marketing is and much more. The course is mobile-adapted, which makes it easier for you to do it on the go, for example, on your way to or from the university.


What is included in addition to the online course?

The final selected group will be gathered in a Facebook group where motivation and inspiration will be shared, networking with each other and help each other out during the course.


More about the kick-out

The final-kick out will take place at Google headquarters in Stockholm and there will be participants from several chosen schools in Sweden. The focus will mainly be on inspiration and personal development.  This will mean activities like inspirational talks, workshops, and a pitch competition evaluated by Google employees. You will also meet influencers who work with online marketing every day, in other words: a great two days to network for sure!


Important dates

The application opens on December 5th and closes on December 17th. After the application period, all applicants will be noticed by e-mail if they have continued to an interview or not. The online interviews will be held on the 18th of December until the 21st of December, more information will be given in the e-mail.  To get a guaranteed place at the kick-out when chosen, you also need to complete the digital training by 9th March 2018.

In addition, there will be a reserve list that will be announced after the application period. Waiting on the reserve list means you will get a place if someone for any reason drops out. You will be notified if you get a spot latest on March 10, which means that you must also have completed the digital course before April 1, 2018 to participate in the Google headquarters kick-out 12-13 April 2018.


How do you apply?

You apply through the link this link will take you to a form where you will answer a certain number of questions. Here it is important that you explain why you want to become part of this amazing opportunity, there is only a limited amount of spots! Feel free to share things you have accomplished, or wish to accomplish, succeeded to do in school or outside school.


If you have questions, don´t hesitate to contact us at We are looking forward to your application!

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