Hi there!

My name is Sahel Faez, and I am enrolled in the MSc in Banking and Finance program at Stockholm Business School (SBS). Additionally, I have five years of prior business development experience across several industries, namely Fintech
consultancy, high growth e-commerce startups, publication, and telecommunication. Internally I oversee the International Committee and Master’s Club, externally I am responsible for the Association’s international contacts and
partner universities.

The role allows me to enhance my strategic, leadership, organizational and networking capabilities since the Association acts as a bridge between the students and the corporate world. Being a Board member means I am part of a decision-making
collective, overseeing the wide range of projects and budgets of the Association’s numerous committees. Secondly, the role is as such that it would and has exponentially boosted my communication ability and stakeholder management
skills on a global level since it would require me to work closely with the Association’s partner companies, SBS’ International Office and SBS’s 150+ partner universities. I was also encouraged to step up to this exciting role by
my friends in the Association, since I had already been a part of projects in the International Committee, Finance Society, the Business Committee and Ekonomernas Dagar.

Being an international Masters student, I am ideally placed to look into any issues our bachelors and masters students, who study here full-time or on exchange, face during their studies. So, I often have students and the International
Office reaching out to me, and I would do my best to answer their queries swiftly and effectively. It is my responsibility to stay alert about opportunities like events, business competitions and networking events through our collaborations
with partner universities and that they are communicated effectively to our members. There are Board meetings, when I and the other Board members review and decide to approve large-scale projects like Ekonomernas Dagar and Fadderiet,
or committee-based projects and initiatives, or issues that are affecting our students holistically.