Föreningen Ekonomerna

Meet the team:

Alexandra Reenstierna


Bisse Wallsten

-Vice Chair

We’re the Social Committee, more commonly known by our Swedish name: Programutskottet, which shortens to PrU.

We are the oldest of the Association’s committees and proudly stick to old student traditions as we know what real student life is supposed to be like. This is also the reason why most times you see us wearing overalls. The overall
is one of the most typical parts of Swedish student since the late 60’s, and is the proudest piece of clothing we have.

The overall is something you earn as you learn how to tend bar and get to know the ropes of the committee. Before this, you are a kvast. The kvast is supposed to learn what being in the committee means and are schooled in the mastery.
Once fully trained, they’ve earned their overall. Until then – they will wear their kvast-glove, Kvasthansken, so that we do not lose them when we’re out and about: going to parties, throwing parties or getting lost at sea.

To find out how to become a kvast, or if you have other questions we can help you answer, contact us through

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