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Meet the team

Edvin Rejaeyan


Hi! My name is Edvin Rejaeyan and I am currently pursuing my Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Information Technology. As a member of the tech committee, I have had the opportunity to meet a diverse group of individuals and engage in meaningful conversations. Additionally, I have been able to make valuable contributions by helping develop the website and arranging our renowned FIFA tournaments. Overall, being a part of the tech committee has been a rewarding experience, providing me with the chance to connect with others, develop my skills, and make a positive impact. 

Linda Hofsö

-Vice Chair

Hi! My name is Linda Hofsö and I am currently in my second semester of the Bachelor´s program in Market Communications. What interested me to apply for position as vice chair was the possibility to influence and improve student life. But also to help other fellow students pursue their interests in tech!

Develop FEST.se together with us!

Are you fluent in HTML or CSS, just starting out or just want to learn something new? The Tech committee, together with the Head of Tech is responsible for fest.se.

Share your ideas with us!

We always like to hear feedback from other students, maybe you want to give feedback on the website or have ideas for transforming the committee.

Tech Events

The technology and business sectors are becoming increasingly intertwined, and our events aim to provide students with a firsthand look at how companies navigate this dynamic landscape. Through our events, students have the opportunity to gain insight into the inner workings of companies and understand the challenges and opportunities that arise in a constantly evolving environment. These events provide a valuable learning experience for students and help them to understand the real-world applications of their studies.

FIFA F.E.St SS 2023

It’s simple, we want to create a fun event for all FIFA enthusiasts. Our FIFA tournament has already been a hit among members, with three successful iterations under our belt. That’s why we’re excited to bring it back for another round. As DJ Khaled would say “Anotha one”.

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