Available Positions in Föreningen Ekonomerna

The Business Association arranges a lot of different events every year. We are always looking for people eager to participate to enrich the student life at Stockholm University. If you can’t find a position that is right for you here, feel free to contact us and we’ll find something for you!

Project Group Fadderiet SS22 Do you want to have the time of […]
REGISTRATION OF INTEREST! The Business Committee has opened the doors for LBW! […]

Why should you join?

The best way to enjoy your studies at SBS and SU is by actively participating in the student association. Here’s what previously active students have to say about their experience: 

The association gives you both friends for life but also invaluable contacts for your professional career.


I can’t imagine how boring my studies would have been without Föreningen Ekonomerna! 


A glimpse of what we do