Our Leadership FS21

Chair of the Masters Club

Hi, my name is Eileen Baca and I am Chair of the Masters Club. I moved here from Dallas, Texas to get my masters degree in accounting and management controls. I think masters students are incredibly talented and intelligent. My goal is to create events that provide value for masters students and to help masters students get the most out of their time here at Stockholm University.


The best way to start you Master’s at Stockholm Business School.


We arrange both sittningar, pubs and other fun social activites for you to be able to meet the other master’s students.


Develop and expand your network at Stockholm Business School. Get the opportunity to meet current students and talk to alumni.


There’s a lot of value in taking part in the different activities organized by the Business Association. Read more about all the committees and clubs. 

Master’s Welcoming Weeks Fall 2021

There are 10 activities that new masters students can take part in during their transition to SBS Masters students. There are two types of events: informative on Tuesdays and social on Thursdays. All the events will be held online via Zoom.

Week 34

How To Survive Your Masters Program (24/8)

This event is an informational meeting about the structure of your programs and different resources that may be helpful. 

Buddy Meet & Greet (26/8)

This event is a chance to meet other students in your program. Dinner will be provided for students living in the Stockholm area. 

Week 35

How To Survive Sweden (31/8)

This event will help students learn about moving to and living in Sweden. 

Late Night Fika (9/2)

This is a relaxing Zoom meeting where students can talk about their classes, bond as a group, and buddies can answer any questions they may have.  

Week 36

How To Survive Job Hunting (7/9)

This event will help inform students about what they can do during their studies to stand out in the job market and how to look for jobs. 

Online Mixer (9/9)

This event will be online mixer which will be a great opportunity for masters students to meet and network with students outside their program. 

Week 37

How To Survive Having A Social Life in Grad School (14/9)

Meeting new friends can be hard, especially in Sweden. This event will help students learn about fun things to do, cool places to visit, and how to make friends. 

Jack Box Game Night (16/9)

Students will have the change to win fun prizes and play fun games. 

Week 38

Alumni Night (21/9)

This event is a great opportunity for masters students to meet some of SBSs amazing alumni! 

Game Night (23/9)

This will be the final event. This night will consist of fun games and prizes. 

Want to know more about how to get involved?

Contact us on mastersclub@foreningenekonomerna.se or join our Facebook group to find out more!