The Coordinator is responsible for team building, recruitment and internal communication. The coordinator assists the work of the Project Managers by creating

Main areas of responsibility:

  • Recruitment
  • Handling internal communication
  • Administration
  • Helping the work of the project managers
  • Planning social events & activities

Corporate Relations Manager

The Corporate Relations Manager is responsible for overviewing the corporate associates and helping and guiding them through the project. The Corporate Relations Manager is responsible for contacting, signing and communicating with exhibitors of the career fair.

Main areas of responsibility:

  • Establishing contact with potential participating companies
  • Agreeing on terms of participation
  • Drawing up sign-up contract
  • Maintaining contact up until, and after fair day
  • Maintaining contact with other departments regarding corporate needs and requests

Sponsorship Manager

The Sponsorship Manager is responsible for contacting potential sponsors and acquiring sponsorship from them. The Sponsorship Manager is also responsible for making Ekonomernas Dagar and the pre-events more attractive.

Main areas of responsibility:

  • Finding sponsors for the fair day, pre-events, or social media competitions
  • Developing and sustaining a professional and good relationship with the signed sponsors.
  • Making sure to be in close contact with the ED marketing team
  • Organizing competitions or events for the sponsors to be shown
  • Booking and organizing deliveries of the sponsored products.

Event Manager

The Event Manager is responsible for the layout of the fair and the logistics connected to it, including transportation. The Event Manager is also responsible for creating and executing the pre-events and for the administration of the interview sessions and signing speakers to the fair.

Main areas of responsibility:

  • Planning the layout of the fair, the pre-events and all logistics
  • Planning the Speakers and Interview sessions
  • Planning (and helping in organizing) the company events
  • Planning the the execution of the TV studio
  • Coming up with innovative ideas regarding how to make ED more sustainable

Banquet Manager

The Banquet Manager is responsible for organising a great and unforgettable final event for the students, business representatives and partners. The Banquet Manager is also responsible for the main logistics around the banquet (such as seating chart and guest list) and for the planning of the afterparty.

Main areas of responsibility:

  • Come up with a theme for the banquet
  • Searching and contacting venues and discussing contract details
  • Planning the banquet (alternatively a Covid-19 friendly event)

Marketing Manager

The Marketing Manager is responsible for the strategic marketing actions throughout the project. The Marketing Manager is also responsible for creating a marketing plan, reaching a great variety and amount of students, helping the exhibiting businesses with marketing related activities and working closely with the IT & Web Development Manager

Main areas of responsibility:

  • Creating a strategic plan for the marketing of the fair
  • Keep daily contact with the project leaders
  • Creating marketing material for all social media channels
  • Create a posting schedule for marketing and plan posts
  • Advent calendar episodes
  • Producing, directing and writing script for videos
  • Design clothes

IT & Web Development Manager

The IT & Web Development Manager is responsible for the website and mobile applications. The IT & Web Development Manager is also responsible for the development of the existing mobile applications for improving the website and working closely with the Marketing Manager.

Main areas of responsibility:

  • Making sure that all technical sides are running smoothly
  • Having an overall responsibility for the analytics and online platforms
  • Ad hoc responsibilities needed for ED to properly function