– Apply for Vice Chair Fall2021 –
19th April – 2nd May

Do not miss the chance to be in charge of one of our lovely committees and become part of the Operational Management Group, or better known as the OMG, of Föreningen Ekonomerna. As a Vice Chair you are responsible, together with the Chair, for the operations and projects within your committee. This is a great opportunity to learn leadership and management skills, not to mention all the fun you’ll have working together with your fellow OMG-members! The Vice Chair application for all committees will officially open on Monday, the 19th of April. You can simply apply through our the forms bellow:

– Apply for Fadderiet FS21 Project Group –
Deadline 23/4

We are now looking for our Project Group to join us Generals
in the planning for Fadderiet FS21! We are looking for
– Event Manager
– Art & Marketing Manager
– Corporate Manager
If you feel that one of the roles would fit you, and that you would like to have a lot of fun,
then apply through the link down below!


We are so excited that YOU want to be a part of this! Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions: fadderiet@foreningenekonomerna.com

For Sustainability Day May 12th

Are you good with social media or can imagine yourself designing logos/posters? Take this chance to develop your marketing skills as part of our project team!! This experience will look great on your CV and is the perfect learning opportunity. (No previous experience required!)

Sustainability day is one of our amazing projects within the business committee, and we want this year’s event to attract as many students as possible! Examples of your tasks would be: posting about the event on our facebook page, helping design our poster, managing paid advertisements on instagram.

If you are interested or want more info send an email to sustainabilityday@foreningenekonomerna.se

Apply to be part of the Board 21/22

As a member of the Board you are elected for one year at a time between July 1st and June 30th and is responsible for the association as a unit. The Board’s main task is to manage the operations of Föreningen Ekonomerna, and is the highest decision-making body between the association meetings. Furthermore, the Board is in charge of making sure that the economic and accounting procedures are managed and followed properly.

We´re still looking for our future President and Vice President. See the details about each role on  The Board page. We recommend you to contact any board member if you want to know more about what the role includes and how their everyday work life looks like.

If you want to apply or have questions or would like to apply, send us an email to election@foreningenekonomerna.se

Make sure to check out our insta-story highlight!

Project Leaders for ED2022!

Ekonomernas Dagar is the project that takes the shape through inspiring pre-events and one of the biggest Career Fairs for business & economics students in Sweden. Become the leader that creates a place for students and companies to meet and share invaluable info regarding the needs of the corporate world. Right now we are looking for project leaders to continue this amazing fair.

If you have any questions or would like to apply, send us an email to election@foreningenekonomerna.se

Master’s Welcoming Weeks

The MWW is a 5-week long program specifically for new master’s students that aims to give the best possible start to one’s master’s studies at SBS. This is an opportunity to meet friends, network with companies and get introduced to Föreningen Ekonomerna.
We are now looking for a project group to make this happen!
For the fall semester 2021 we hope to expand our digitalized events in case the pandemic continues, but also so that everyone no matter where they are can attend!

If you are interested in this position, please send your CV and a motivational letter to international@foreningenekonomerna.se 

Spontaneous application

Are you unsure of where you want to start? Contact us through 2ndvicepresident@foreningenekonomerna.se and we’ll help guide you <3