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The Finance Society is looking for members of the Treasury Group

As the right hands of the Treasurer, the Treasury Group will support tasks related to the overall finance of the Association.

These include tasks such as bookkeeping, handling invoices, handling the influx of receipts, and also assisting the Treasurer and Vice treasurer in various financial administration tasks.

The aim of the Treasury Group is to assist and alleviate the Treasurer with financial administration and to make sure the Association’s finances stay in accordance with the Association’s set plan, goals, and strategy.
At the end of the financial year, the Treasury Club will also support the Treasurer with preparations for the Annual Financial Report.

Members of the Treasury Club will collect valuable hands-on experience of the financial business world together with good insights of the Association’s work and projects, as well as being a part of the finance-interested community which follows by being a part of The Finance Society entails.

If you think this is something that sounds interesting, apply through the following link.
The deadline to apply is the 4th of February.

The Finance Society

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