Föreningen Ekonomerna

What's In It For Me?

A membership grants you access to the welcoming programs, our internal events, pubs, association meetings, etc. Now with gaining union status you will eligible for the SSSB housing queue through your membership. You will also get our Mecenat card, which is a student card that grants you student discounts on public transportation and other products and services with hundreds of businesses.  

One Membership For All

That’s right; all is provided in the same membership for 125kr per semester. You’ll gain access to be able to participate in our events, gain status in the housing queue with SSSB and student benefits through your Mecenat card (SSSB and Mecenat require you to be a registered student )

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Refunds Of Membership Payments

We do not grant refund requests, but per Swedish law you are allowed a 14 day right of withdrawal for distance purchases. Please read through the membership offer thoroughly.

Information About Memberships

Please note: For some benefits, you need to be classified as a student as by Swedish Law. With a membership, you gain the privilege to participate in our events; a valid ticket may also be required. If you don't have a valid personal identity number, you'll be more than welcome to be a member just note we won't be able to verify your student status.