Operational Management Group


The Operational Management Group, OMG, is formed of nine committees, two standalone projects and one club. 


The OMG consists of nine committees, each have their own resposibility of ensuring that students have the best experience at SBS.

Tech Committee

The committee's primary goal is to gather students whose interests lie in tech and business administration — a goal that is achieved through fun and educative events, workshops, and fairs.

Event Committee

The Event Committee organizes a lot of events and is a big part of the social pillar in the association. Everything from pubs, sittningar, parties, balls and many more events to make the most out of our time here at Föreningen Ekonomerna.

Sports Committe

The Sports Committee at Föreningen Ekonomerna aims to create value for all students here at SBS, whilst practicing sports and creating unforgettable experiences. We believe that being a student should be fun and exciting, and encourage students to create new connections via our committee.

Finance Society

Finance Society is the University’s leading professional and academic society devoted to the world of finance. Our mission is to connect students who share an enthusiastic interest and curiosity about investments and wants to share knowledge and insight.

International Committee

The International Committee is the link between international students and the association. It acts as the first contact and meeting point for students seeking further international opportunities.

Business Committee

The Business Committee is all about hands-on practice and opportunity to gain real life experience. It operates as a link between the members of Föreningen Ekonomerna and the business world.

Marketing Committee

The Marketing committee is a space for all the Association members that are interested in marketing. We have several different projects that together handle our social media, create content and help the other committees with their marketing.

Social Committee

PrU, is the oldest committee in the association, handling and upholding student traditions, the bar and all alcohol related events. We maintain good relationship with other students and schools throughout Sweden!

Education Committee

The Education Committee focuses on establishing and maintaining a good relationship with SBS and the students. You could say we are like the bridge between both parts. The purpose of our committee is to improve the education for the students.


The master club welcomes students from all of SBS master programmes.

Master's Clubs

Master's Club is a group that hosts social and professional events for Master's level students at Stockholm Business School. We are a large, diverse group of students where everyone is welcome.

Our Biggest Projects

Here are some of our biggest projects at SBS. We look forward to meeting you all!


Fadderiet is Föreningen Ekonomerna’s welcoming program for new business students attending SBS. During Fadderiet you get the chance to get to know your new classmates.

Ekonomernas Dagar

One of Sweden’s largest career fairs for business and economics students held each year by Föreningen Ekonomerna. The fair is free to attend for all students at SBS.