Fadderiet FS20

As a new incoming business student you are automatically enrolled in Fadderiet and there is no need for registration. Fadderiet is one of Föreningen Ekonomerna’s biggest projects. It is the welcoming program for new students at SBS. Take this opportunity to meet new friends and kick-start your studies at SBS!

The Organizers



Simon Shafiee

Project leader

Rasmus Brehme

Project Leader

Project Group


Charlotte Granfelt

Art & Marketing Director

Elias Johansson

Corporate Manager

Klara Ljunggren

Event Manager

Amie Fall

Event Manager

How does it work?

From the first day of Fadderiet until the end, the students are called micronomists. All of the micronomists will be divided into teams. Each team will have dedicated buddies, who are the team-leaders and mentors for the micronomists. As a micronomists you will experience countless challenges and activities together with your team, all while competing against the other teams for the glory of becoming the winning team of the semester!

For more details about this year’s Fadderiet, like event schedule and contact information, please refer to the Micronomist Compass down below.

Still have some questions?

follow us on Facebook for the latest updates or email your inquiries to the Generals at fadderiet@foreningenekonomerna.se