Educational Surveillance

Short Reports

The Short Report is a summary of the meeting that every Student Representative has with the person responsible for the course or program every second month. It includes improvements, suggestions for the course or program and the main points of the meeting, etc..

Anonymous Course Feedback

If you have any feedback both positive and constructive you can give your anonymous course feedback here and our Student Representatives can bring it up during their meetings.

Student Representatives

Student Representatives gather and structure feedback on what the students think of the courses during the semester. Every second month the Student Representatives will have a meeting with the person responsible for the course to talk about the courses. We have Student Representatives for Bachelor and Master Students. All Student Representatives gain three valuable extra points (

Bachelor Student Representatives for


Klara Strandberg & Lorik Mjaku


Natalija Karlsson & ​​Robin Irberger

FEK-3 Marketing


FEK-3 Management


FEK-3 Finance

 Max Kristensen

FEK-3 Accounting

Norma Jacobsen

Reklam & PR 1

Josefine Herzig & Elin Åmark

Marketing communications 2nd semester

Magda Zadorga

IBP & IBES (1st Semester)

Hanna Appelgren & Ferdinand Montpaz

IBP (3rd Semester)

Narin Abdelzadeh

IBES (3rd Semester)

Loris Lauer

5th Semester Marketing


5th Semester Finance


5th Semester Accounting

Jonathan Holmström

Master Student Representatives for

Accounting & Management Control

Rachana Ghimire

Banking & Finance Management

Johan Lind

Organization & Society

Yasmine Zuber

Marketing Communications

Motahar Ali

Operations Management & Control

Anushree Jain

UN (Utbildningsnämnden) Bachelor’s & Master’s Representative

The UN Student Representatives are part of Utbildningsnämnden which is the organ in charge of educational decisions and strategy for SBS. This is where decisions are made about education-related matters, such as designing course plans, addressing exam problems, or analysing course evaluations in more detail. It consists of the UN Student Representatives and the Head of Education as well as the Study Director and Section Leaders for each field of study. UN Representatives will be in their position for one year and gain three extra points.

Bachelor’s UN Representative

Hanna Eriksson Gysell

Master's UN Representative

Anton Jansson

You Want to Become a Student Representative?

Chair: Fanny Dorothea Ulrich

Vice Chair: Hanna Eriksson Gysell

Education Committee

The Education Committee is the bridge between Föreningen Ekonomerna and Stockholm Business School. We recruit Student Representatives as well as Project Leaders every semester to improve student life and education. All active members of the Education Committee gain three valuable extra points.