The Secret to Success

Furthermore we have the Knights Templar composed by former Marshals. Elections to The Ministry of Marshals occurs when an existing Marshal makes his chair available. The criteria for being elected are strictly confidential but every election is subsequently justified to the Board of Föreningen Ekonomerna.

In general, the following criteria are critical to be considered in elections:
 A broad and long commitment to the association 
An ability to joyfully spread the association’s traditions 
A deep knowledge of the history of the association 
An ability to carry yourself and be a good representative of the association and the board 
A willingness to even after the completed commitments in the association to take the time to work for the association’s best


The Ministry is also responsible for handing out medals to the members of Föreningen Ekonomerna who have distinguished themselves in various ways. The Ministry of Marshals gladly receives nominations for medals as well as proposals for new marshals. At the annually recurring feasts such as “Hjulmiddagen” and “Ångbåten” the Ministry of Marshals is responsible to award honorable mentions and medals to the association’s members who made an extraordinary effort and excelled during the past semester. To receive any association award a detailed description of the person’s excellence should be sent to the Ministry of Marshals. Depending on the range of the person excelled there is a number of honors that can be considered. Generally speaking, in the assessment the board takes into account what the person accomplished in relation to what in advance is to be expected of someone at the current position.

A medal or honorable mention is an excellent way to show your appreciation for the efforts your friends in Föreningen Ekonomerna has done on an entirely voluntary basis. We would therefore urge you all to think carefully and be sure to nominate those you think deserve the association’s appreciation.

The 10 Chairs

The Ministry of Marshals of the student association of Stockholm Business School have ten chairs numbered from one to ten.
Below are those who currently hold the different chairs:

Chair I Amie Fall

Chair II Frida Wandborg

Chair III Emma Axelsson

Chair IV Anna Sundstedt

Chair V Andreas Wassenius

Chair VI Vacant

Chair VII Christian Cederlind Tovar

Chair VIII Lovisa Enholm

Chair IX Alexander Radig 

Chair X David Dufweke-Lantto, Lord Marshal