Förening Ekonomerna is the business association at Stockholm Business School (SBS) with union status. Föreningen Ekonomerna at Stockholm University has as its main purpose:

§.1.3.1 To monitor and participate in the development of education for students of Stockholm Business School at Stockholm University.

§.1.3.2 To encourage good comradeship and a meaningful environment outside of studies.

§.1.3.3 To promote contact between the members on the one hand and
institutions, the university, industry and public administrations on the
other hand.

The Operational Management Group, OMG, is formed of nine committees, two standalone projects and one club. To learn more about the OMG, click here!

A membership grants you access to the welcoming programs, our internal events, pubs, association meetings, etc. Since we also gained union status this year, you will be eligible for the SSSB housing queue through your membership. To read more about the benefits of becoming a member, click here!

We as an association strive to ensure that our policies and statue are compliant. That’s why we have our Disciplinary Committee, which is responsible for disciplinary action on occasions when these are violated. If you have information that you would like to submit, anonymously, use our Whistleblow function.   

To make a corporate request you are more than welcome to contact our Head of Coperate Relations via corporate@foreningenekonomerna.se.