What is Fadderiet?

Fadderiet is a five-week-long introduction program that aims to give you the best possible start at Stockholm Business School. This is a fantastic opportunity for you to make friends, establish business and university-related contacts, and get introduced to student life in Stockholm and at the Business Association –  Föreningen Ekonomerna.

Five Weeks of FUN!

From this day until the end of Fadderiet, you are a Micronomist. You, along with all new students, will be divided into different teams. Each team will have dedicated buddies, who are your team-leaders and mentors. The buddies will answer any questions you might have and will also make sure that you receive all essential information about Fadderiet.

Enrich Your Studentlife!

You will experience countless of challenges and activities together with your team, all the while competing against the other teams for the glory of becoming the winning team of the semester.You can expect everything from pub crawls, sport events, sittnings, company visits and epic parties!

Win Fadderiet FS2023!

To make Fadderiet as memorable as possible, we encourage you to participate with a true fighting spirit. We want you to join us for this fun and crazy ride that Stockholm’s student life has to offer. By the end of the Fadderiet, you will have had a lot of fun, found life-long friends and the honor of the title Economist.


Pictures from last semesters Fadderi!

Fadderiet FS23 - Movie Collection

As a new incoming business student, you are automatically enrolled in Fadderiet, and there is no need for registration.Fadderiet is one of Föreningen Ekonomerna’s biggest projects. It’s the welcoming program for new students at SBS.Take this opportunity to meet new friends and kick-start your studies at SBS! Watch the video below!

Find all relevant info in the Micronomist compass!

Project Group

We are the ones helping out the Generals with whatever they need. We will be in the background during the entire five weeks; organising, planning, and making sure everything is set for you to have the best start of your studies!

Amanda Bekkewold & Julia Backman



Matilda Knäcke

Event Manager

Kian Rubach

Event Manager

Anton Lundstedt

Corporate & Communication Manager

Josefine Sandström

Marketing Manager

Lucas Hoem

Marketing Manager

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