Our Leadership SS22

Chair of the Education Committee

Hi! My name is Olivia and I am the new Chair of the Education Committee. I am currently studying my second semester at the Bachelor’s Programme in Marketing Communication here at SBS. During this spring I was a course evaluator as
well as a project manager in the Marketing Committee and I really enjoyed being a part of the association and being able to make a change. My vision as the new Vice-Chair of EC is therefore to continue the great work of the previous
Chair and Vice-Chair, get to know even more fellow students, and (of course) have a lot of fun!

Vice Chair of the Education Committee

Hi! My name is Josefine and I am currently in my third semester of the Bachelor’s Programme in Marketing Communication. Before becoming Vice-Chair of the Education Committee I have been active within the association as a Marketing
Manager for Ekonomernas Dagar. My vision for the Education Committee is to get even more students involved with the committee and to encourage them to make their voice heard so they can have a bigger impact on their education. Further
I am looking forward to meeting a lot of great people!

Current projects


Speak Up Week is currently our biggest project and takes place during the spring semester with the aim of collecting opinions from students about the education at SBS. Being involved with this project will give you the possibility
to create a project for a better future in our own education and make a difference.


Our second project “Ballerina Award” occurs also in the spring semester and the purpose of this project is to nominate the best teacher at SBS according to students. Besides getting the student’s opinions on the education at SBS in
general, we want also to embrace the teachers with some positive feedback on their job.

Want to know more about how to get involved?

Contact us on ec@foreningenekonomerna.se or join our
Facebook group to find out more!