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Asset Management Group at föreningen ekonomerna is a part of the finance society at Föreningen Ekonomerna – The Business Association at Stockholm University. Our department strives to support the financial future of the association by allocating and investing a total capital of 1.5 MSEK. All investment decisions are taken through anonymous voting where every members vote weigh the same.

Holdings 2022:

Evolution Gaming

Invested: October 2020

Kindred group

Invested: November 2020

Evolution Gaming

Invested: October 2020

Xbrane Biopharma

Invested: November 2020

Evolution Gaming

Invested: October 2020

Tourn International

Invested: June 2021

VNV Global

Invested: October 2021


Invested: November 2021

Asset Management Group Quarterly Reports

Update on the AMG Financials under management of Ludvig Bretz and William Florin.


Equity reports are made by Equity Analysts at the Asset Management Group of Föreningen Ekonomerna and are published for information purposes only and are therefore not intended to be advisory. The provided financial data is based on reliable sources, however we can not predict the future and therefore the reports carry uncertainty. The information provided should be read with caution and all investments should be done with consideration by the investor. Therefore, any report produced by the Asset Management Group should not be considered investment advice and Föreningen Ekonomerna does not take any liability of the outcome of investment decisions based on this material.

Equity Reports:

Authored by Kevin Schmuck
Authored by Alexander Magnusson
Authored by Albert Möller Broock
Authored by Ludvig Bretz & Victor Lundin
Authored by Edvin Steffensson
Authored by Erik Dahlstedt
Authored by Soroush Hasanpour
Authored by Antonio Luis
Authored by Victor Lundin
Authored by Joakim Runnestad
Authored by Antonio Luis

Leadership 2022:

Joakim Runnestad

Victor Lundin

Analysts 2022:

Markus Orest

Jacob Lindberg

Wojtek Zwierzchowski

Gustav Strömberg

Alexander Magnusson

Markus Garede

Gustaf Höglund

Markus Johansson

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