Your rights as a student


    • You can reach out to Föreningen Ekonomerna if you need guidance and support in regards to disciplinary matters related to the university.
      For example if you have been accused of plagiarism.
    • You can reach out to the Head of Education for help or questions regarding your welfare as a student as they act as the student welfare representative.
    • As a union we also have responsibility for educational surveillance and the quality of education. As a student you have a right to be represented in meetings regarding your education.
      • You can contact your student representative regarding feedback on a specific course or the Head of Education for more general matters,
        and you can contact the Education Committee to see if there is a position open for a student representative.
      • You can also leave anonymous course or program feedback through the Föreningen Ekonomerna Athena page under resources → course/program you study→ program or course feedback.
    • Information about union status is available here

Academic Advisors (SYV)

You are very welcome to contact the Academic Advisors if you have questions about courses, grades, examination, applications, prerequisites, selections, admission, roll-calls or credit transfers. The Academic Advisors aim to empower you as students to make well-founded decisions concerning studies and career choices. They must observe professional secrecy.

Contact an advisor here!


Student Health Services

If you are in need of counselling ling, help with mental health or a lifestyle consultation, be sure to visit Stockholm Student Health Services website. There you can find more information and easily book an appointment to get the help you need.

External resources for student health 

The following resources are unfortunately only available in Swedish, require fluency in Swedish, or are only available to people with Swedish Bank-ID:

Stockholms Universitets psykologiska klinik

1177: Råd och stöd på mejl, chatt och telefon

Ungdomsmottagningen (UMO)


Niki Rohani

Head of Education

The Head of Education represents all students at SBS as a student representative on the institution’s board and is the Student welfare representative. You can contact them in regards to issues with education, student life and well being. You can also contact them if you need support in disciplinary matters regarding the university, such as being accused of plagiarism.