The Stockholm Student Health Services is part of the student services offered to all students at Stockholm University. They are a complement to the public healthcare available to residents in Sweden. Their nurses and psychologists can help you with everything from health check-ups to consultations if you’re experiencing emotional or personal problems. You can find more information here.

The study guide, as well as a course schedule with dates and times for examination, should be available on the school’s webpage four weeks prior to the course start.

Previous exams are usually public documents according to the Swedish Freedom of the Press Act. You can access and see your previous exams on your account on

Government officials (including university teachers) should answer questions from individuals as soon as possible, according to the Swedish Administration Procedure Act. Let your teacher know you have tried to get in touch, if you still have not received a response, contact the Education Committee at so that we can help you get in contact with the teacher.

You can re-register for courses you have been previously registered in. As a re-registered student, you can register for exams in Fastreg (at the latest 3 working days prior to the exam date) and you may attend lectures if there are seats available. Contact the course coordinator for the course you wish to register and to check the availability to join a seminar group. Contact details and the course schedule will be found on the course website.

According to Stockholm University’s rules for education and examination, the syllabus should be published no later than one month prior to the last day of admission, unless valid reasons exist. Contact the course coordinator and ask the syllabus and study guide to be published on Fastreg if you can not find it. The syllabus should state where information about course literature and other course material that the student needs to have access to at the start of the course can be found. 

According to Stockholm University’s local guidelines, exam results should be published on Ladok (minastudier) within 15 days after the examination date. Contact the course coordinator if you still have not received your result.

Grades are not subject to appeal. However, you may request a review of a grading decision, which means that you submit a review request that states reasons for why your request should be considered based on the course’s grading criteria and learning outcomes. Contact the course assistant for more information on how to request a grade review.

If you have failed the regular examination and re-examination, you may re-register for the course. According to Stockholm University’s guidelines, your right to take an examination is limited to a maximum of five attempts. Contact the course coordinator to re-register, or the academic advisors if you have further questions or concerns.

As a student with a documented disability, you may apply for special pedagogical support during your studies at Stockholm University, such as note-taking support and customed examination. Find more information on how to get help here.

You can download the app called “Stockholm University Guide” with detailed maps over the campus, including exam and lecture halls. You can also access the maps here.

The Student Council are study monitoring at SBS and are constantly working on developing the quality of education. Please leave your feedback here or contact the Education Committee at

Please don’t hesitate to contact the Education Committee at if you have any questions or need further assistance. We are here for you.